19 October 2013

The 10•19 Rococo Illustrator: Raul Jorolan

For 10•19's first-ever collection, it was unthinkable to have anyone else other than one of the inspirations behind the brand bring to life, through the Rococo, the style and spirit of 10•19.

Meet Raul Jorolan. An advertising maven and TV/Film director by profession. An artist and painter at heart. 

A graduate of the University of Santo Tomas Fine Arts-Advertising program, he also worked as a menswear designer before venturing into the crazy world of advertising and then eventually finding his niche in directing. Through it all, his one true love had always beckoned, waiting for him to come back to its arms: painting.

In 2007, he finally heeded its call and had his first-ever one-man show, Popsuey. Check out some of our bookmarked works:

Fresh Marilyns

Late Riser


He's participated in other shows since, along with filling the family home with fresh works daily.

All of which will be in a show again soon.

But for now, consider the lookbook a mini exhibit, a sneak peek into his own love of color and images.

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